BIM Forum - Washington, D.C. - November 2-3, 2011

ROI² = Return on Innovation Investment
November 2-3, 2011 | Washington, D.C.
Where is the ROI² of BIM? Are we looking in the right places? How do you measure it? Who gets it?
It is time for some answers.
The ROI of clash detection is no longer enough – that’s only the proverbial “low-hanging fruit”. By now, we should have all learned that adopting BIM is a serious investment in innovation within an individual organization, a change in corporate culture and an evolution of the entire AEC industry environment.
Have we assumed that our Return on Innovation Investment improves as we gain more experience and explore new BIM uses? Yes, more owners are asking for BIM – sometimes without knowing what it means. Now is the time to take a serious look at the ROI² generated from this process.

  • What exactly is ROI²? How do you MEASURE it? Is it different for different parties?
  • Where can we find ROI²? How can we maximize ROI²?
  • Who reaps the benefits? Is it “okay” if one party benefits from another’s investment?
  • Are certain parties “doing BIM” without benefiting?
  • Does ROI² only come from the technology – “drawing spellcheck” and clashing?
  • Or, can more be achieved through “social BIM”, with tangible benefits identified and captured by multiple parties?
  • Should every action and use case have an element of ROI²? Or is ROI² a cumulative benefit or a series of isolated results?
  • And wait a minute – is there actually an ROI² to be gained from BIM adoption?

The DC BIMForum will explore all of these aspects of ROI, in attempt to determine who is benefiting, in what ways, and how to begin measuring the returns we know exist, but have had difficulty quantifying.
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